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Master Fic List: ACD-verse

Wow. Apparently I've authored enough works now that I can't fit all of my stories into a single LJ-post. So if you're looking for BBC-verse stories or stories set in other Holmesian universes, click those links, and thanks!

I try to keep this up to date, but it's large enough now that I might have missed a few things. Usually my stuff is fairly mild, ratings-wise, and not likely to set anyone's hair on fire, but all things are subject to change, and please read the warnings. I hope you enjoy!


Or if you want to get a random sampling of my work in the various 'verses, or more accurately, a glimpse of what I can produce under a 24-hour time limit, take a look at my July 2011 Challenge Fics: Master Post, the July 2012 Promptfest, the July Writing Prompts 2013, July Writing Prompts 2014, JWP 2015, or JWP 2016. Which is not everything that I wrote for any given July, and is mostly unbetaed and rushed, but... Or if you'd like to see a different kind of sampling of my work, check out promptfills, or try some holiday fics (2011), (2012)!