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JWP Master Post 2014


Here's a list of all the stories I've authored for JWP 2014. This list will be updated as the month goes on.

  1. By Any Other Name (BBC). Sally wasn't the first one on the scene. Written for JWP #1.

  2. He Knew His Scent (ACD). From my earliest days as a puppy, his smell meant pain, and hunger, and softly-spoken words that did not hide the cruelty beneath. Written for JWP #2.

  3. Well In Hand (BBC). John and Greg have to improvise. Written for JWP #3.

  4. Pondered In Silence (ACD). Watson asks a question and faces questions of his own. Written for JWP #4.

  5. The Root of the Matter (BBC). At first, John envied as well as admired Sherlock's ability to see everything. Then he looked deeper. Written for JWP #5.

  6. Fruit Course (ACD). There's something strange in the sitting-room. Written for JWP #6.

  7. It Wasn't Me (ACD). Watson doesn't remember all of what happened that day. Written for JWP #7.

  8. Opportunity Knocks (ACD). A true businessman does not simply wait for opportunity. Written for JWP #8.

  9. Parliamentary Procedure (Basil of Baker Street). Dawson cannot recall how he wound up in his bed. Written for JWP #9.

  10. Sticky Wicket (BBC). It's not a usual crime scene. Written for JWP #10.

  11. Galleriini (ACD). Holmes contemplates another crime. Written for JWP #11.

  12. ...A Second Time (BBC). Something smells. Written for JWP #12.

  13. Blue Ribbon Blues (Ritchie). Watson wonders who's groaning, among other things. Written for JWP #13.

  14. The Enemy of My Enemy (Is Still A Freak) (BBC). Sometimes to get the job done, you have to dance with a devil or two. Written for JWP #14.

  15. Advice Over Coffee (BBC). Sherlock gets some unexpected advice while ordering coffees. Written for JWP #15.

  16. A Study in Patience (ACD). Sherlock Holmes is a patient man. Written for JWP #16.

  17. A Not-So-Solitary Cyclist (ACD). A newspaper article provokes more than laughter. Written for JWP #17.

  18. Star-light, Star-bright (BBC). They've received odd gifts from clients before, but nothing like this. Written for JWP #18.

  19. Living Backwards (BBC). Summary: Afterwards, Sally could only remember events in flashes. Written for JWP #19. In addition, this is a continuation of Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

  20. Intimate Interlude (ACD). A sudden change in the weather requires a change in plans. A sequel of sorts for Intimate Acquaintance and Intimate Observations. Written for JWP #20.

  21. Showtime (BBC). The show must go on, but sometimes the show needs a little help. Written for JWP #21.

  22. Yellow Hat (BBC). There's a clue. There's lots of clues, actually. Written for JWP #22.

  23. The Adventure of the Sworn Servitude (ACD). Did you really think Jonathan Small was a reliable narrator? Written for JWP #23.

  24. Trees of Green (ACD). Watson can't look away. Written for JWP #24.

  25. Merry Little Minuet (BBC). The song always made his father smile. Written for JWP #25.

  26. What Fools (BBC). This wasn’t the first time in his life he’d woken up with a face full of lawn, but usually the immediate proceedings involved rugby, beer, or both. Written for JWP #26.

  27. The Sweet and the Bitter (ACD). The scent was unmistakable. Written for JWP #27.

  28. Unwound (ACD). Watson winds his watch. Written for JWP #28.

  29. Skin a Cat (BBC AU). Another day, and the aftermath of the altercation remains in doubt. Written for JWP #29.

  30. Bringing Down the House (Ritchie). The closing act of another case. Written for JWP #30.