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July Writing Prompts 2013: Master List

Yes, I'm participating in the madness once again!  (Actually, I'm in it up to my neck this year, but that's another post.)

July 1: Silver Lining (Basil of Baker Street/Great Mouse Detective)
July 2: Playthings (ACD)
July 3: Mercy and Justice (ACD) and Refuge (BBC) - yes, I wrote two fics for this prompt. You knew it would happen.
July 4: Whumped Wakening (ACD)
July 5: Inquiring Minds (ACD)
July 6: Not Entirely Futile (ACD)
July 7: Travelogues (ACD)
July 8: A Different Eye (BBC)
July 9: Hiss, Boo (BBC)
July 10: Sojourn (ACD)
July 11: Lost Boys (ACD)
July 12: Strong-Willed Warrior (ACD)
July 13: Logical Observation (BBC)
July 14: Lumineux (ACD)
July 15: Night Train (BBC)
July 16: Edifice (ACD) and Doppelgänger (BBC) - yes, I wrote two for this one as well
July 17: Rhus the Day (ACD)
July 18: Matters of Reputation (ACD)
July 19: Prerogative (BBC)
July 20: The Edge of Another Forever (ACD AU)
July 21: Celestial Anchors (ACD)
July 22: References (ACD)
July 23: Just Shoot Me Now (BBC)
July 24: Likenesses (ACD)
July 25: Know Your Alphabet (BBC)
July 26: Weighing the Balance (ACD)
July 27: Remnant (ACD)
July 28: Herbes de Mellifera (ACD)
July 29: Sidelined (ACD)
July 30: Horse Sense (ACD)
July 31: Time Out (ACD)

I'll be updating this master list throughout the month. Stay tuned!


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Jul. 5th, 2013 10:12 pm (UTC)
Ooh, starting a master list for the challenge fics is a good plan! Yay for all these great Watson centric stories!
Jul. 5th, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Starting a list is the only way I have any hope at all of staying organized... :-)
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